This is not a love story. This is a story about love.

I did seriously consider putting Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the featured image seeing as I quoted their movie but then I thought about Daenerys and Drogo and I began to weep from every orifice of my being because they were perfect and soulmates and I will never get over what happened to them….

What’s the hatter with me¿¿

    I’m with you there Alice. “What did I ever do to deserve so much pain in one lifetime?” This is the question I have been asking myself on repeat every single day lately. That is the question I have been begging myself for an answer for. That is the question that I am longing…

We should totally just stab Caesar!!

Right this minute I’m a few seconds away from standing up and joining Gretchen. Why? Because relationships are frustrating and sometimes the other person starts feeling like Caesar and YOU WANT TO GET UP AND SCREAM ABOUT IT. But unfortunately I do not live inside of a hilarious Tina Fey film. I live in the…

It’s okay to hit rock bottom. Or something like it.

There’s nothing like that gut wrenching, all consuming, disastrous feeling that you’ve hit rock bottom. But as the famous saying goes, “What comes down, and then do whatever the f**k you need to to come back up.” Here is my own journal entry detailing my experience with the feeling of rock bottom, written June, 2017….

A Long-Expected Journey.

Capricious Blog is all about not being afraid to open some new doors inside of yourself, but also to have a great time doing it! I wanted to create a space for myself and for others to deal with the issues that they are facing, to learn about themselves, but to also enjoy this process instead…