New Year’s Day

So in just a few hours the world will be ringing in the new year. 2019. We’ve all made it.

Billions will gather around with loved ones, friends, coworkers and strangers to watch the fireworks, the irradiating lights filling us all with hope that on January 1st all of our hardships and heartbreaks will be wiped clean. A fresh slate. I hope for everyone out there that this is true. We all deserve every happiness.

However, as Taylor Swift puts it so beautifully into a song: “Hold on to the memories. They will hold on to you.”


I think back a few years ago to 2016, spending New Year’s on a beach and watching the fireworks with my lover. It was a magical night, the fireworks illuminating the face of the man I desperately loved. He whispered as the clock turned to twelve that he wanted to spend his life with me. It was a perfect moment, and right then nothing else mattered.

But New Year’s is not just a perfect moment on a beach. It is not just the tipping of the date from one year to the next. Sometimes it is self-acceptance that this coming year might have difficulties too, and the realisation that we might have to work hard every day, just as we did the year before. And sometimes it is looking around you, at the people in your life and realising who was there for you in 2018 that will still be there for you in 2019. Who is going to be “cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s day?”


But all of this is okay. We have already made it this far, we are here learning to thrive, and no time, date or person (except you) has any power to change that.

So I wish everyone a happy and safe New Year’s! I will be here in 2019 ready for all of the next journeys to be shared!


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