Gardening for therapy.

Ah gardening. It’s not for everybody. With sublime green foreign entities sticking to everything, colour explosions and blinding sunlight hitting you at all angles. And let’s not mention the smells, spikes, squirmies, spiders, crunching and more, horrifying you further.

Now with that introduction, I absolutely love gardening. I wouldn’t call myself a highly abled or adept gardener, but I would definitely call myself an enthusiastic one. See below.

I believe my love for nature in general started as a child. My mother is a skilful gardener who can turn even the darkest and crumpled plant into something exquisitely beautiful. My own real dive in the gardening pool began after a trip to Bunnings where I found a very tiny pink plant that I immediately purchased and named Doris. And together Doris and myself had a beautiful month until alas, one fateful twilight, she keeled over dead.

Since that heartache I’ve really realised that knowing what your plant is and maybe knowing a bit about it’s specific needs is a tad important. But also important is not giving up!

Now gargening for therapy is really beautiful and I will enlighten you why. I have found that my brain tends to spend about 99% of its energy overthinking unless I stop it from doing so. And that’s where gardening comes in! You spend hours in a nursery choosing the plant that is exactly right for you. Then you purchase all the fun things like soil and a pot and a happy watering can. Now all that’s left is to name it!

So now you have little Cherry or Herman and the care begins. Each day you water it. You check its tiny adorable leaves. You sing to it while you water it (or don’t…). And then the beautiful day comes when Cherry has some new leaves or Herman has a purple flower he didn’t have yesterday. And the feeling. Is. Euphoric. You have cared for this beautiful and fragile thing and it has thrived! And suddenly you have this wave of amazement that you too can care for yourself and thrive!

Magic abounds!

I personally have found a real love for succulents. Seeing as I live in a pretty hot and dry city I made the conscious choice to purchase some plants that actually stood a chance of living longer than a month. And they have been kicking on for over a year now! Here are some snap shots of my lovely little garden:


Now don’t get me wrong. Gardening like anything else comes with error. Sometimes I am exhausted for a week and I genuinely forget to water my plants and that’s okay. We aren’t doing this to be perfect, we are doing it to have fun! Here a photo of a tiny Christmas tree I bought and hoped to have for a long time, but sadly doesn’t look like it will stick around for long.


But like I said, the point in gardening for therapy is to relax, enjoy it, and not stress about every little (or large Christmas tree) plant that you can’t save. How do you guys feel about gardening? Or is there another hobby you love that helps therapeutically? Let me know!

*The contents of the blog are not to be used in lieu of authentic mental health treatment. Please contact an emergency or medical professional if you are having dangerous thoughts.

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