A Long-Expected Journey.

Capricious Blog is all about not being afraid to open some new doors inside of yourself, but also to have a great time doing it!


I wanted to create a space for myself and for others to deal with the issues that they are facing, to learn about themselves, but to also enjoy this process instead of feeling overwhelmed. I am almost 26 years old and during this time I have had my share of anxiety, depression, PTSD, abuse, and mental illness (Bipolar Disorder) to name a few. I have invariably had a few moments where I have found all of this to be just a little too much to handle.


To process these emotions and heal through them, I include humour in my posts. This is not a detractant from the experiences that people have gone through. It is not there because I believe that it is funny to go through pain. I use humour because I believe, in every part of my being, that humour, laughter, and the radiance that comes from smiling, those are the things that heal us from our pain, and from our difficult journey. Take a moment to think about this, think of a time in your life where you were so happy, laughing so much, your muscles were aching and tears were running down your eyes. Now combine that feeling with a discussion about moments in your life that were difficult. Maybe you can’t hold the same level of happiness and that’s okay. But that happiness you felt is like a safety blanket, and it’s going to carry you through this time, no matter what.


Now I still have a lot left in this life to figure out and I don’t dream to pretend I have any idea what I’m doing half the time. But I do know that all us are capable of incredible things, even if we don’t have the right means to it right now. I know there are days where it seems easier to give up, to chuck it all in. I know there a days where all we want to to do is drown our sorrows and forget everything. But I also know that through everything we have gone through, we have gained invaluable experience, wisdom, and strength. That is something that cannot be taken from us. So even though right now we might be so far from where we’d like to be, working together and having a good time is a pretty powerful tool to help us all get there.


*The contents of the blog are not to be used in lieu of authentic mental health treatment. Please contact an emergency or medical professional if you are having dangerous or harmful thoughts.

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